Footprint Designs

Terms and Conditions

Please note the contents of this page are subject to change.
Last updated: 20 March 2014.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Minimum charge is 1 hour, hourly thereafter.
  2. A premium may be charged for work that extends over weekends or public holidays at the client's request.
  3. Payment 21 days following invoice.
  4. If as a last resort a debt collection agency is used any fees charged for their service will be at the debtor's expense.

Extent of Liability

While every care is taken in designing a product or making changes to an existing product or part(s) thereof, including any combination of; PCB design, electronics design, embeded firmware; there are many variables and considerations involved in doing so.

It is therefore expected a prototype run is conducted with every new or changed product or part(s) thereof to detect any errors, not solely confined to the extents of the changes involved.

It is expected that during this prototype run all performance criteria of the end product are tested.

The product or part(s) thereof is deemed in good working order and no responsibility will be accepted after a prototype run has been accepted or when a production run takes place, whichever occurs earlier.

In accordance with the above conditions if it is proven by either party involved and accepted by Footprint Designs there is a design induced error the limits of my liability will extend to and not beyond the following:

  1. the GST exclusive value as invoiced by Footprint Designs for, if detailed, the portion attributed to the aspect of the design deemed at fault.
  2. the combined total liability will not exceed the GST exclusive value invoiced by Footprint Designs for the work involved.

Exclusions to the above include and not limited to the following:

  1. Any EMC/RFI or signal integrity problems.
  2. Any electrical, environmental, approval, operational, or other conditions not communicated to Footprint Designs.
  3. Any CAD, compiler, or other software induced errors.
  4. Any errors induced by whatever means from the time of transmission by whatever media of the master and/or manufacturing file(s).